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SG3524 PWM Inverter Circuit 250W

A 250W PWM inverter circuit congenital about IC SG3524 is apparent here. SG3524 is an chip switching regulator circuit that has all capital chip appropriate for authoritative a switching regulator in individual concluded or push-pull mode. The congenital in circuitries central the SG3524 cover beating amplitude modulator, oscillator, voltage reference, absurdity amplifier, afflict aegis circuit, achievement drivers etc. 

SG3524 forms the affection of this PWM inverter ambit which can actual its achievement voltage adjoin the variations in the achievement load. In a non PWM inverter the change in achievement amount anon affects the achievement voltage (when achievement amount increases achievement voltage decreases and carnality versa), but in a PWM inverter the achievement voltage charcoal connected over a circuit of achievement load.